A Dating Show Contestant Gets Eliminated For Being A K-Pop Fan 

She was an SM artist stan!

There are many reality dating shows, and companies often find ways to add a new spin to the age-old concept.

The YouTube channel PIXID introduced a series called Slide To Unlock, where a single will go through the phone of possible dating partners to decide who they would like the most.

In the latest episode of the series, a new twist was added — instead of the usual adults, high schools would participate. This episode features 11th-grade all-boys school student Jung Geunyoung going through the phones of eight girls.

The first round involves exploring the girls’ phones and questioning them about their contents. When he enters the second contestant’s phone, Geunyoung asks about one of the apps in a folder, Kwangya Club.

Before SM Entertainment migrated to Weverse, the company’s artists were active in the Kwangya app. He initially asks if she likes SHINee before moving on to the Lysn app.

Lysn is an app that contains SM Entertainment artists’ Dear. U Bubble fan chatting platform.

Geungyoung is initially interested in the concept before getting to the Poca Market app.

Poca Market is an online marketplace for fans to purchase photocards of their favorite idols.

After asking about the costs of photocards, he admits that he gets jealous when dating a girl who “likes someone more than” him, leading him to eliminate her.

Ironically enough, his final choice also seems to be a fan of SEVENTEEN, mentioning Hoshi as her ideal type. After making up a scenario where she confirmed she would pick him over SEVENTEEN, Geungyoung seems satisfied.

Geungyoung seemed to handle a potential K-Pop fan girlfriend much better than another contestant, which you can read about below!

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