Who’s Dating Who? The “Crash Course In Romance” Stars’ Real-Life Romances

Both lead actors have been in committed relationships for years!

TvN‘s K-Drama Crash Course in Romance has become a hit worldwide as viewers have fallen in love with the star math teacher Choi Chi Yeol (played by Jung Kyung Ho) and shop owner Nam Haeng Seon (Jeon Do Yeon), who have fallen for each other.

Jeon Do Yeon (left) and Jung Kyung Ho (right) in “Crash Course in Romance”

Yet, the cast have their real-life romances… just not with each other! So, who are they dating in real life?

All the young actors, such as Roh Yoon Seo, Lee Chae Min, Lee Min Jae, and Shin Jae Ha, are not publicly dating anyone at this time, which is not too surprising, especially for Roh, since she’s still considered a rookie actress. Yet, even 39-year-old actor Oh Eui Shik‘s relationship status is unknown. 

Oh Eui Shik (left) and Jeon Do Yeon (right)

On the other hand, 42-year-old actress Lee Bong Ryun, who portrays Nam Haeng Seon’s bestie, married fellow actor Lee Gyu Hee on March 11, 2019. They met as schoolmates at Alleyway Theater Company. 

Lee Bong Ryun (left) and Lee Gyu Hee (right) | JTBC via THE FANCY’s

While Lee Gyu Hee might not be as recognizable as his wife, he has appeared in some of our favorite K-Dramas, including Crash Landing on You, Beyond Evil, and Reborn Rich. He has also appeared in stage productions, such as Beautiful Food, Passing Summer, and Potato Symphony.

Jeon Do Yeon is actually 50 years old in real life, so she’s older than her character. Considering this, it should be no surprise that she is not dating but is actually already married!

The veteran actress is married to professional car racer and businessman Kang Shi Kyu, but he’s not a known celebrity. He is nine years her senior.

Jeon Do Yeon at wedding

The couple married in a private ceremony at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul on March 11, 2007, so their 16th wedding anniversary is coming up! Their daughter was born a couple of years later, on January 22, 2009. 

Jeon Do Yeon (left) and Kang Shi Kyu (right) arriving in L.A. as newlyweds

Jung Kyung Ho has been in a relationship with fellow actor Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung since January 2014 after originally denying rumors in 2013 since they were just getting to know each other at the time. A “mutual acquaintance” introduced him to her, and he admitted that despite her being his ideal type, “I didn’t straight up ask to be set up with her, but I did have my intentions when I first met her.” 

Because we have been dating for so long, I’m much more comfortable with it (being asked about his girlfriend). Rather than worry about what others think, (we) focus on things that make us happy. We’ve become much more flexible with one another.

— Jung Kyung Ho

Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho on a date, posted by Dispatch | Dispatch

So, they have been together for at least a decade, and this power couple is still going strong, too, as they were recently spotted on a date! Sooyoung actually liked a picture from it from her personal Instagram account.

Jung Kyung Ho has spoken about his relationship in interviews. Considering he and Sooyoung have been together for so long, naturally, everyone is curious about when they’ll get married. Previously, he said they would surely get married, but only time would tell.

I’m sure we will (get married) when the time is right.

— Jung Kyung Ho

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