Dating Reality Show Host Jang Sung Kyu Expresses Desire For HyunA And DAWN To Star On Series

Who wouldn’t like an inside look at this couple?

The hosts of the new dating reality show, Don’t Be Jealous, held an online press conference on March 13. Hosts Jang Sung Kyu, Jang Do Yeon, Heo Jae, Jeon Somi, and VIXX‘s Ravi discussed the show and what they have been learning from the experience so far.

Don’t Be Jealous follows real-life celebrity couples going about their everyday lives. So far the celebrity couple line-up includes Rainbow member Jisook and her boyfriend Lee Doo Hee, actress Choi Sung Hyun and boyfriend Lee Jae Han, and chef Lee Won Il with PD Kim Yoo Jin.

While some of the discussion revolved around how the hosts were reacting to the show and their own opinions on public dating and marriage, Jang Sung Kyu was asked about other celebrity couples he’d like to see star on the show.

He brought up the famous idol celebrity couple HyunA and DAWN as his first choice!

I really want to invite HyunA and DAWN, the first idol couple to openly date while currently promoting, on the show. I really want to see how idols date in public.

— Jang Sung Kyu

Fellow host Jeon Somi agreed with this choice, and Jang Do Yeon added on:

I see them on social media and they’re so lovey-dovey, it makes me curious.

— Jang Do Yeon

This celebrity couple would likely give the show a lot of views, given how popular – and controversial – their relationship is! Don’t Be Jealous started airing on March 9.