Dating rumors fly after Park Bo Young and Park Hyungsik were caught on camera doing this

Rumors of romance are in the air of Park Boyoung and Park Hyungsik‘s possible love connection.

Park Boyoung and Park Hyungsik are currently co-starring in the very popular show Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and rumors have been flying about a possible heated romance between the two. During a scene in which the lovely couple is directed to hug each other, the love seems to reach far beyond when the scene was finished.

The couple seems to always share gentle back rubs and deep penetrating steers into each other’s eyes, and they definitely do have an intense connection. These pictures have helped to encourage adoring fans to wonder if the couple actually shares the same romantic connection as does the fictional characters that they play.

When Park Hyungsik arrived on set in full drag as Min Sook, it is rumored that Park Bo Young could not keep her eyes off of her transformed co-star. The rumors have continued as the show, and the relationship between the two actors seem to progress even outside of the show. The couple seems to laugh together and even joke around with each other as often loving couples will do.

Fans have been gossiping, and we are even curious if a love connection was made or if they are just great actors!

Check out GIFs that will make you swoon below!


Check out footage of their scenes together below: