Davichi Kang Min Kyung’s Little Pup Tried to Stop Her Mommy from Playing the Piano

“Pay attention to me!” – Tissue

Kang Min Kyung recently shared photos and a video of her puppy, “Tissue” doing everything she can to make sure her mommy pays attention to her, not the piano.

The shared photos show Kang Min Kyung at her piano, looking at Tissue with loving eyes.

What makes the photos comical is how straight Tissue’s expression looks while Kang Min Kyung is showering her with love.

But as soon as Kang Min Kyung started playing the piano, Tissue became determined.

She hung on to her mommy’s arm like a clothes hanger and didn’t let go.

Even when Kang Min Kyung played the piano, Tissue just hung up bounding up and down.


It was only when Kang Min Kyung intensified her movements that Tissue gave up.

Fans who saw this adorable interaction between Kang Min Kyung and Tissue are leaving comments such as “That’s actually so cute“, “How can she be so lovable?“, and “Kang Min Kyung’s eyes have hearts in them“.


Source: Insight