Dawn Shares How HyunA Touched His Heart With The Most Unforgettable Party Ever

She made his dream come true.

K-Pop’s most iconic couple HyunA and Dawn appeared together in the latest episode of Knowing Bros and shared some of their never-told-before stories about their relationship!


As the show hosts tackled their curiosities about how these two came to fall in love, Dawn shared a story about a time HyunA really touched his heart in the most unforgettable way!

There’s a time I was really moved by something that HyunA did for me.

— Dawn


He started off by pointing out that he wasn’t the most outgoing kid in the neighborhood…

As a boy, I was pretty introverted. Throughout elementary school, I actually didn’t have a lot of friends.

— Dawn


That being said, his dream — up until he was in his 20s — had been to host a birthday party at a burger joint!

So, my dream as a young boy was to throw a birthday party at one of those hamburger places. In fact, I’ve actually never had a birthday party with friends until I was 20 years old.

— Dawn


Once HyunA and Dawn began dating though, and she heard this story, she did everything she could to make his dream come true!

After we got together, she threw me a birthday party. Everyone who knew about us dating were invited and came to the party.

— Dawn


And even though their birthdays are only 5 days apart, HyunA made sure that this party was only and completely for her boyfriend, Dawn.

Our birthdays are only a few days apart. It’s only a five-day difference. But she threw this party all and only for me.

— Dawn


ICYMI, here’s the birthday boy getting all the love and attention from HyunA at his very special party:

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Aren’t they the cutest couple? K-Pop fans can’t help but think these two were meant to be.

Watch the full clip below: