DAY6’s Young K Looks Like He Could Be Stray Kids’ Han’s Brother, Here’s His Humble Response

“Are you Han Jisung’s brother?”

Even though JYP Entertainment groups DAY6 and their juniors Stray Kids have completely different vibes, that doesn’t mean there aren’t similarities between them.

On top of Seungmin picking up the same habits as Wonpil, fans have noticed how Young K and Han resemble each other enough that they could easily pass as siblings.

From the similar shapes of their eyes, noses, and lips, they could certainly pass for brothers. During Young K’s recent Instagram live, a fan pointed it out. They asked, “Are you Han Jisung’s brother?”

Young K didn’t seem surprised by the question. Since it’s easy to find fans pointing out how similar they look, he must’ve heard it before. Instead, he calmly denied it. “No, I don’t think I can be.” It wasn’t for the reason you’d expect, though.

Rather than merely making it clear they weren’t related, Young K took the chance to sweetly praise Han on his skills and visuals. “‘Cause, you know, he’s a lot more talented than me. He’s a lot more good-looking than me.”

To be thought of as the brother of someone impressive like that, Young K expressed gratitude for the comparison. Ending with a warm smile, he stated, “But, you know, I’m honored that you thought…that you mentioned me…mentioned I’m like that. Thank you.”

Young K wasn’t giving himself enough credit. He’s just as handsome in the visuals department.

When it comes to music, he’s also multi-talented in singing, rapping, and guitar. No wonder fans like to think the two are brothers.

Check out the kind way that Young K denied the question by complimented Han.