A Fan’s Slight Dear U. Bubble Mishap With NCT’s Jaehyun Will Have You Laughing

Unfortunate, but funny.

Dear U. Bubble is a paid subscription service where fans can receive bulk private messages and respond. The artist can read the replies from fans as well. However, the bulk messaging service has proved to result in some hilarious situations when fans’ replies end up adding up in a completely unplanned way with the artists’.

On December 1, 2021, NCT‘s Jaehyun had asked fans what they were doing. He received a bevy of messages from fans subscribed to his service and ended up responding to the one that made an impression. Unfortunately for one fan, the response also kind of matched her reply, just in a different way.

  • Jaehyun: “What is __ doing?”
  • Fan: Grilling pork belly…
  • Jaehyun: “Ooh, grilling your body”
  • Fan: “Hey… That’s not it… You crossed the line.”

To explain, it is currently in the middle of winter in South Korea. The term “grilling your body” is often used by Koreans to refer to sitting in front of the heater or lying on the heated floor in order to warm yourself up.

A cat in front of a heater. | cateyes/Tistory

In an unfortunate coincidence, this fan happened to be grilling some pork belly so Jaehyun’s response, although not referring to them, would have sounded like it was calling them a pig.

Other fans were tickled by the hilarious coincidence which the OP fan ended up uploading on Twitter. Of all things to respond with!

Source: theqoo