The Difference In Korean And Japanese Fan Culture That Confuses “Death’s Game” Actor Lee Jae Wook

Fans from both countries react differently to the actor.

From starring in hit K-Dramas like Alchemy of Souls and Death’s Game, actor Lee Jae Wook has grown his international fanbase. And he’s noticed a significant difference between Korean and Japanese fans that confused him.

Lee Jae Wook | @jxxvvxxk/Instagram

When speaking with Cosmopolitan Korea magazine, the actor mentioned a “very interesting” difference in fan culture between the two countries.

Lee Jae Wook has observed that one fanbase “seems like they’re a bit scared of artists.

While Korean fans don’t have an issue with excitedly approaching him, it’s the opposite for Japanese fans.

He revealed, “However, Japanese fans are running away from me. So there have been times I can’t greet them.

Although Japanese fans are more timid in their approach, they’re just as supportive of the actor. See Lee Jae Wook talk about the glaring difference between the fan cultures.