The Most Impactful Debut Song In K-Pop, According To Netizens

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K-Pop has seen many fantastic debuts along the years, as well as its fair share of flops. Each generation has a few stand out debut songs that caught the eye of the public instantly. This may not equate to the fastest music show wins. WINNER currently holds the record for the fastest music show win, having won in just four days with “EMPTY.” IVE also won with “ELEVEN” in just seven days.

On the other hand, NewJeans took about 17 days to obtain their first win! Despite this, their debut with “Attention” and “Hype Boy” remains dubbed as the most impactful debut of their generation. They created a new syndrome, where almost everyone in South Korea knew their songs.

Moving back a generation, Miss A is often mentioned in South Korea when it comes to impactful debuts. “Bad Girl Good Girl” made a huge splash, instantly propelling the girls to fame.

On the other hand, Girls’ Generation’s debut with “Into The New World” was also highly talked about, being the first girl group from SM Entertainment in the 2nd generation. Their high-kick choreography was also a highlight.

What do netizens think in 2023? An online forum discussed the most impactful debut song to date. Most pointed out Miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl,” with a few voting for “Hype Boy.”

| theqoo
  • I think about “Bad Girl Good Girl.”
  • I thought of “Bad Girl Good Girl” when I clicked in.
  • “Bad Girl Good Girl”!!
  • ”Hype Noy”
  • “Bad Girl Good Girl”
  • 2NE1 too.
  • ”Hug” and “Replay.”
  • “Bad Girl Good Girl”
  • ”I’m a loner” also had really good responses.
  • “Bad Girl Good Girl”

With a majority of comments angling for “Bad Girl Good Girl” and CN BLUE’s “I’m a loner,” it seems like the later generations may have to work a little harder to win over the general public!

Source: Theqoo