Here Are The Dental Treatments K-Pop Idols Undergo To Achieve Picture Perfect Smiles

They work!

K-Pop idols have some of the straightest, whitest teeth, and they can thank regular dental appointments for it!

Recently, professional dentists Park Ho San and Esther guested on YouTube channel AYO to talk about their experience with K-Pop idols and the different procedures they tend to get.

Park Ho San (left) and Esther (right)

Some people are under the impression that idols have special dental treatments to achieve their beautiful smiles, but Park Ho San clarified that they undergo the same ones that any other person gets! Usually, they come to have their cavities filled.

They’re all human. Everyone has teeth, and if you have teeth, you have germs as well. Normally, they come to have their cavities filled.

— Park Ho San

Esther listed other procedures that they undergo, including odontoplasty and dental bleaching. Interestingly, companies don’t just send idols to the dentist but also their very own trainees.

Sometimes, they come for odontoplasty such as veneers or all-ceramic treatment. But usually, they get dental bleaching! They often inquire about tooth color procedures. A lot of the time, agencies send their idol trainees.

— Esther

Aside from the common procedures, idols also visit the dentist when they have an emergency. A rather common emergency that occurs is when their teeth chip because they bumped into something!

Sometimes, there’s an emergency like breaking their teeth because they bumped into something – broken front tooth. Since idols and celebrities have their shooting scheduled, they come to the hospital not to cause any inconvenience.

— Park Ho San

After their trip to the dentist, they appear on television looking their best selves.

They’re all cured and smiling beautifully on-screen.

— Esther

Seeing their gorgeous, bright smiles, idols are living proof that it pays to visit the dentist regularly!

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Source: YouTube