Dentists Clarify Why Some K-Pop Idols Appear To Have Unevenly Colored Teeth

In reality, all their teeth are white.

Some fans may be under the impression that K-Pop idols only have the front parts of their teeth whitened, but dentists Park Ho San and Esther want them to know that it’s a misconception!

Park Ho San (left) and Esther (right)

In an interview with YouTube channel AYO, a netizen brought up the topic, insisting that idols do not whiten their back teeth.

I think idols periodically get teeth whitening, but they just do it in the parts you can see but not the parts you can’t see. That part is white but the others are yellow…

— Netizen comment

Esther clarified that idols have all parts of their teeth whitened, not only the front. It just so happens that a tooth has both yellow and white parts.

That’s a misunderstanding! They don’t do just the front part but the whole teeth. If you look at your teeth, they all have different colors. In a tooth, some parts are yellow and some are white.

— Esther

Park Ho San explained the concept further. According to him, there is a layer in teeth called “dentin” that is yellow in color. It doesn’t always show up well, which is why some teeth look whiter than others.

There are three layers in a tooth. There’s an enamel layer on the outside and a dentin layer underneath. Originally, the dentin layer is yellow. Depending on how thick, transparent, or white, if you can’t see the yellow color inside well, the teeth will look relatively white.

— Park Ho San

To mask the yellow color, idols undergo a teeth whitening procedure.

| USA Cosmetic Dentist

However, because it isn’t permanent, Park Ho San recommends that idols have their teeth whitened every year.

Teeth whitening is not permanent. It is an artificial process using a product, so sometimes the original color returns within a year. I recommend getting it once a year to maintain it.

— Park Ho San

White teeth are undeniably beautiful, but Esther’s professional opinion is that it looks nicer if it isn’t too perfect!

But it looks weird if your entire teeth are too white. I think you’ll find it attractive if you accept the fact that the colors can be different.

— Esther

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Source: YouTube