The Descriptions Of SuperM For Their Cameramen Are Funnier Than Expected

It said one of them was supposed to be “naked.”

Ever wondered how cameramen know where to focus their cameras during concert performances and if they know who they’re focusing on? Well, one of the ways was revealed when a fan happened to get their hands on a sheet from SuperM‘s concert.

Rather than a setlist, the fan ended up with a guideline the cameramen were using to figure out which member was which. Even though their faces, names, and abbreviated stage names were on it, there were added descriptions to distinguish them. Those are what had fans laughing.

Most of them were what you’d expect to see. Taeyong was labeled as having “white blond hair,” while Baekhyun was labeled as having pink hair, adding his position as leader.

Following this theme, Taemin was blond and had the “first solo” while Mark had blue hair and spoke “fluent English.” When it came to the last three members, the descriptions took a funny turn.

To describe Lucas, they’d written down his black hair but focused more on his height. He wasn’t just “tall,” they had an exact estimate ready: “six feet, three inches.”

Unlike everyone else, there wasn’t a hair color listed for Ten. Instead, they added “Americanized” for his English. Fans were confused but also amused. Since Ten usually speaks English with a British accent, they didn’t understand what it meant, possibly referring instead to the use of American words.

Kai‘s description had fans laughing the most. Right above his photo, someone had written the phrase, “Naked dance at end.” It most likely had been their way of highlighting his shirtless dance solo. Funnily enough, Kai hadn’t even danced shirtless that night.

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