The Designer Jacket BTS’s Jin Gifted J-Hope Might Cost More Than the Average Person’s Wardrobe

“Young and Rich” Jin didn’t hold back.

It was recently revealed that BTS‘s Jin gifted J-Hope with a gift on J-Hope’s birthday, but what’s particularly surprising fans is the brand name and the price tag of “Young and Rich” Jin’s generous gift.


In celebration of his birthday, J-Hope held a live broadcast where he chatted with his beloved fans.

When the topic of birthday presents came up, J-Hope flaunted the jacket that he was wearing during the broadcast, which was gifted to him from Jin.

But it was revealed that the jacket is by the luxury brand, Balenciaga, making fans’ jaws drop.

The price tag on his particular jacket is 1.93 million won (~$1600 USD), which might cost more than the average person’s entire wardrobe.

After realizing the gifting scale of “Young and Rich” Jin, fans are full of both envy and admiration.

Some of the comments from fans include, “That’s BTS class right there“, “J-Hope’s fashion sense is no joke“, and “I’m so jealous. They’re young and rich“.

Click here for the full broadcast.

Source: Insight