Desiigner Reveals How He Ended Up Working With BTS

From the red carpet to the studio , Desiigner reveals how the “MIC Drop” collab came to be.

In an interview with Genius, Desiigner told the story behind his “MIC Drop” collaboration with BTS.


Desiigner began by describing the moment when he first encountered BTS at the Billboard Music Awards.

“I met the energy on the carpet.”  — Desiigner


While Desiigner was out enjoying himself on the red carpet, he ran into BTS and encountered their “dope energy”.

“Their manager loved it, man. He dapped, joined in…”  — Desiigner


When Desiigner got back to New York, BTS sent their record to Desiigner’s label. His label was hesitant to give it to him at first, not knowing if he would be interested.

“Desiigner might not fuck with this shit.”  — Desiigner


Desiigner couldn’t have been more excited! He flew off to Los Angelos to play BTS’ record for his friend Corey, who also couldn’t get over how lit it was.

 “He was going crazy!”  — Desiigner


Desiigner enjoyed everything about his collaboration with BTS, from visiting Asia to the members’ “spirit”.

“It was dope.”  — Desiigner


Desiigner credits his manager, Zana Ray, for getting the record to him, and for having the vision to know how much fun he would have with it.


He also said that he and Steve Aoki bonded more over their “MIC Drop” experience.

“Me and my boy got the tattoos and all that on the arm.”


They even got “MIC Drop” tattoos, to commemorate it!


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