DIA Chaeyeon is banned from weighing more than 110 pounds

DIA‘s Chaeyeon revealed that she was constantly on a diet due to her agency’s weight requirements.

In a recent episode of tvN‘s celebrity recipe show Raid the Convenience Store, DIA’s Chaeyeon revealed that she was on a constant diet after showing the panel an older photo of her with chubbier cheeks.

The topic for this episode was ‘dieting’, and Yoon Doojoon revealed that Chaeyeon has never known what it felt like to be “full” because of her constant dieting.

Chaeyeon then confirmed that she was still on a continuous diet, and explained that their agency routinely checks each of the members’ weights.

She also revealed that their agency’s CEO often checks their weight himself to make sure that the girls didn’t surpass a certain weight.

“I’m always on a diet. Since we’re a girl group, there are times where they check our weight every three days, and sometimes our CEO will come once a week to check our weight.”

“He said the first digit of our weight shouldn’t be a 5 (above 50 kg or 110 lbs), and that we should all be in the 40 kg range (between 40-49 kg or 88-108 lbs).”

— DIA’s Chaeyeon

Watch the segment here.