DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon Worries Fans With Questionable Post Following Withdrawal From Group Activities

Chaeyeon edited the post once before deleting it shortly after.

Just last month, DIA announced their 6th mini album and began their activities without their members, Jung Chaeyeon and Somyi.


Regarding the withdrawal of some members, DIA’s leader, Huihyeon spoke at a showcase to explain,

We felt as though they needed some personal time, so we respected their decisions.

– Huihyeon

Yebin added,

They saw our choreography and overall concept and said they liked it. They cheered us on telling us to work hard and do a good job.

– Yebin

But on the same day, Jung Chaeyeon made a questionable post on her dog’s Instagram account, worrying many fans.

Yangchi, life sure is absurd sometimes, isn’t it? Thank you for always being by my side. Let’s be happy, Yangchi.

– Jung Chae Yeon

Shortly after the post, Jung Chaeyeon edited the post to read,

Thank you for always being by my side, Yangchi. You always comfort  me.

– Jung Chaeyeon

But she then went on to delete the post, worrying fans even further.

Fans are particularly suspicious because ahead of this incident, Jung Chaeyeon expressed her desire to make a comeback and meet fans again on Instagram.

I want to make a comeback soon and see all of you.

– Jung Chaeyeon


Some of the fans’ comments include, “I don’t know what’s going on here“, “What is she talking about?“, and “I hope nothing’s wrong“.

Source: Insight