The Camera Adds 10 Pounds … The Real Reason Why Idols Have To Diet

The difference is unbelievable.

Online portal, Nate Pann, discussed the significant bloat cameras give to one’s weight, as exemplified by a journalist photograph of Jessica, followed by a fantaken video using a camera phone.

The stark difference in the thickness of her legs was immediately pointed out by netizens as they came to the realization that camera flashes and professional equipment washes out one’s shadows, resulting in an optical illusion on screen. The highest voted comments include “this must be why they have to diet so hard”, as well as “the shadows disappear after camera flashes so every part looks very flat. This is why idol stage makeup is super thick as well.”

One netizen in particular even drew a photo for better explanation, saying “The flash that journalists use is super strong, so all the shadows and depth just disappears. Like in the drawing, the left is real life and the right is how journalist pictures are. That’s why people always say actors like Jung Woo Sung and Jang Dong Gun are more handsome in real life, as their facial structure has a lot of depth.”

Just how thin are these idols that they look slim on journalist photos? Other real life photographs of idols demonstrate the extremity of how much these idols take care of their body figure.

f(x)‘s Krystal is known for her amazing body including a perfect hipline and abs, but this red carpet shot proves how skinny she is in real life.

Even IU who is known for her petite figure on camera seems to be even smaller.

SNSD‘s Yoona‘s legs almost seem fragile in real life, although the idol is known to be naturally thin, no matter how much she enjoys eating.

While it seems that some idols are naturally skinny as opposed to being controlled strictly by diet and exercise, as being in front of cameras are part of their jobs, we can understand why idols are pressured to remain as perfect as possible.

Source: Nate