The differences between Korea and the rest of the world revealed through Google image searches

Searches on Google reveal the surprising difference between Korea and the rest of the world.

On an online community board, Pann, a netizen revealed the shocking and surprising differences when typing a search word in Korean and in English into the popular search engine website, Google.

Korean men are known for their not-so-shy approach to women, even choosing female celebrities based on their body types, but these images reveal the extent of the Korean male search takeover.


World google searches white horse
Image: World searches for “White Horse.”

Korea google searches White Horse
Image: Korean searches for “White Horse.”

World searches street
Image: World searches for “Street.”

Korea google searches street
Image: Korean searches for “Street.”

World searches google
Image: World searches for “Sister.”

Korea searches sister
Image: Korean searches for “Sister.”

Source: Pann