The Different Reactions For When The Unnie Line of TWICE Make Mistakes Versus When Tzuyu Makes Mistakes Shows Just How Much They Love Their Maknae

They are whipped for Tzuyu!

The differences of reaction when the older members of TWICE make a mistake compared to when Tzuyu makes a mistake show just how much they adore their maknae.

When oldest Nayeon made a mistake during the filming of the “YES or YES” music video, the members start asking why she made a mistake, joking around and pretending to be angry.

When Jeongyeon forgot to mouth the lyrics during the filming of the “WHAT IS LOVE?” music video, the members stared at her until she realized she had forgotten her part.

When Jeongyeon forgets to get into position for “YES OR YES”, Jihyo rushes to playfully hit her in the back.

When Sana makes mistake during the choreography for “WHAT IS LOVE?”, Jeongyeon jokingly ‘grabs her by the collar’, but since her dress doesn’t have a collar, she grabs her hair!

When maknae Tzuyu makes a mistake however, they all start laughing over how cute she is! They reassure her that it’s okay and that mistakes happen. They make sure not to make her feel guilty over her mistake.

They always make sure to show their maknae just how much they love her!

Tzuyu loves her members just as much. She confessed that one of the fears she had for turning 20 was that maybe the older members won’t help as much.

Q: Next year you’ll be 19 years-old. What do you want to do before the 10s pass by?
Tzuyu: Nothing special because they are all things that can be done even in my 20s. Since I’m the maknae, by unnies help me more, but I’m worried that ones I’m in my 20s, my unnies will look at me and think I can do things on my own.

No matter what, the members of TWICE will definitely be there for their maknae!