Director Bong Joon Ho Praises BTS’s Power and Influence at the 2020 Golden Globes

“The power and influence of BTS is 3000 stronger than mine.”

Legendary director, Bong Joon Ho recently attended the 2020 Golden Globe Awards for his film, Parasite.

Prior to the show, Bong Joon Ho participated in interviews with various media outlets regarding his success film.

Among the many questions he received, one that particularly stood out was about his thoughts on how Korean bands, music, actors, and culture are showing their growing influence.


In response, Bong Joon Ho praised BTS and gave them a shoutout for having such a large influence all over the world.

I am here at the Golden Globe Awards right now, but the power and influence of BTS is 3000 stronger than mine.

– Bong Joon Ho

The talented director then proceeded to speak highly of Korea as a country and how that affects the artists that arise in his home country.

I feel like Korea is a country where it’s inevitable for such talented artists to arise. Korea is an emotional, intense, and dynamic country.

– Bong Joon Ho

Despite Bong Joon Ho being in the spotlight for a well-deserved award, he modestly mentioned BTS as an even more powerful Korean influence all over the world.

Following Parasite‘s multiple nominations at the 2020 Golden Globes, Bong Joon Ho made history by taking home the best foreign-language film award.

Source: Insight