“Doctor Cha” Actress Uhm Jung Hwa Spills On Her Diet Routine And How She Maintains Her Sexy Figure At 53 Years Old

She has abs!

Uhm Jung Hwa has been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years, making waves as both an actress and a singer.

Uhm Jung Hwa

At 53 years old, the star has proven that age is just a number when it comes to looking good! She’s even shown off her amazing physique on multiple occasions, rocking a bikini at one point.

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The actress recently sat down with ELLE Korea for a special “Ask Me Anything” interview promoting her latest K-Drama, Doctor Cha. Uhm Jung Hwa stars as the titular character, a housewife who returns to her medical career at the same hospital as her husband, who is hiding a huge secret.

She answers a couple of questions about beauty, sharing her surprisingly simple make-up routine.

Another question asked about her go-to exercises, to which she enthusiastically replies, “Ab workouts.” Uhm Jung Hwa shares that she’s been consistently working out, doing different exercises for her arms, abs, and, specifically hip thrust.

When asked about what keeps her so young, she reveals that she maintains a low-carb-high-fat diet when she is not filming, mentioning chicken breast and vegetables as her go-tos.

Uhm Jung Hwa also says she does intermittent fasting or eating within a specific time window. According to some health experts, this diet technique can encourage faster fat loss and help prevent overeating.

In the past, the actress has even shared a video of herself cooking one of her diet meals, which you can check out below!