Fans Believe Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Looks Exactly Like A YouTuber Dog, Kyuhyun Fails To Prove Them Wrong

Do you see the resemblance?

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun recently held a live broadcast on YouTube where he attempted to prove fans wrong that he looks exactly like a YouTuber Bichon Frise named Bori.

The dog in question is a popular dog on a YouTube channel called Boribori, and once one fan pointed out that the dog looks exactly like Kyuhyun, the comparison went viral online.


It went so viral that even Kyuhyun himself heard about it, so he decided to prove his fans wrong by doing a side-by-side comparison.


He used a photo of the dog, Bori to insist to fans that they do not look alike.


But he failed to get through to them.

As soon as Kyuhyun provided fans an even clearer comparison, they came back at him with hilarious comments such as “So the left side is Kyuhyun, right???” and “Your perm turned out nice!





In response, Kyuhyun expressed his frustration and his contrasting belief that there’s no resemblance whatsoever, but fans only found it that much adorable.

What are your thoughts?

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