It’s Donald Trump Vs. K-Pop Stan Twitter After He Accidentally Tags A Red Velvet Stan In A Tweet

At least Red Velvet got some great promo in the process.

Thing on Twitter got weirder than usual on June 26 when Donald Trump tweeted a Red Velvet stan thinking she was someone else.

He’s since deleted and re-tweeted, @’ing the correct account, but not before being blessed with a couple Red Velvet fancams as retribution.

Needless to say K-Pop stans and non-fans alike are absolutely loving this blunder and coming together in a way unlike anything seen before.

One fan said that this was not only a win for @meganrapino, but it’s also a win for Red Velvet themselves.

We’d like to thank @meganrapino for teaching the world that the best response to being “accidentally” harassed online is with K-Pop fancams.

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