Donald Trump’s Grandkids Party To K-Pop Everyday

On February 23, Ivanka Trump touched down in South Korea. She is there to represent the U.S. during the Closing Ceremony of the Pyeonchang Olympics.

“We are very, very excited to attend the 2018 Olympic Winter Games to cheer for Team USA and to reaffirm our strong and enduring commitment with the people of the Republic of Korea.” -Ivanka Trump

After arriving Ms. Trump attended dinner with President Moon Jae-In and his wife Kim Jung-Sook at the Presidential Blue House.

While there she told President Moon about her kids love of K-pop.

“I showed K-pop to my children and they’re having a dance party to it every day.” -Ivanka Trump

She even suggested that she would teach her children how to sing the songs.

“I will teach Korean to my kids and have them sing the songs next time we visit.” -Ivanka Trump

And while Ms. Trump couldn’t help but share her kids love of K-pop, she is officially in South Korea to celebrate the achievements of the Olympic athletes.

The U.S. entering the Olympic Stadium at the Opening Ceremony (photo: Quinn Rooney)

2018 Korea Winter Olympics