Suzy And Yang Se Jong’s First Kiss Scene In “Doona!” Had A Few Obstacles

The scene wasn’t as effortless as it looked.

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As the leads of Netflix‘s latest K-Drama Doona!, actors Suzy and Yang Se Jong won over viewers with their chemistry and steamy kiss scenes.

Although they made those romantic scenes look effortless, they pulled back the curtain on how much effort it really took.

Suzy and Yang Se Jong. | @skuukzky/Instagram

When the two sat down for an interview about the K-Drama, they were asked about any memorable stories surrounding their ice kiss scene. Suzy revealed the director’s plan for the scene to “come out pretty but also intense,” which was easier said than done.

Before they filmed the scene, Yang Se Jong and Suzy had numerous discussions about how they should be positioned. It was such an important matter that the director himself got involved. Suzy laughed as she said, “The director tried some [positions] himself.

When they finally practiced the kiss scene, there was yet another obstacle. Suzy and Yang Se Jong had to keep rehearsing until they found the perfect “pretty angle” to shoot the scene from.

Yang Se Jong even mentioned how uncomfortable it was for him to lean back for the scene but make it look natural and pretty on screen. In addition to all the things they had to focus on, they also had to worry about “dropping the ice naturally” to complete the scene.

Even though Yang Se Jong and Suzy made the ice kiss look so natural between two characters who were beginning to realize their feelings, it wasn’t as easy as it looked. They pleased fans with their performance and proved why they’re talented actors.