“Doona!” Suzy’s Sexy Kiss Scene With Co-Star Yang Se Jong Has Viewers Holding Their Breaths

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Following its much-anticipated premiere, K-Drama Doona!—featuring Suzy and Yang Se Jong—is entertaining viewers all around the world.

“Doona!” | Netflix

And while all nine episodes are drama-packed, Episode 6 is going extra-viral for a particular kiss scene.

Episode 6 of “Doona!” | Netflix

Doona! actually features multiple kiss scenes…

…but this one has viewers holding their breaths for how hot and steamy it gets!

There are sparks bouncing off the walls even before the two leads look each other in the eyes.

Things get even steamier when more skin gets involved…

…but the real deal is when the lips get locked in a passionate moment.

The scene, shared via X (Twitter), has since counted 1.1M views—for reasons.

Here are some of the most relatable reactions online to the co-stars’ intimate moment:

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