The 3 Shows Suzy And Yang Se Jong Watched To Get Into Character For “Doona!”

The director personally recommended them.

The sizzling chemistry between actors Suzy and Yang Se Jong was one of the main things director Lee Jung Hyo wanted to showcase in his hit Netflix series Doona!.

Suzy and Yang Se Jong. | Netflix

To fully immerse them in their roles, Lee Jung Hyo instructed them to watch three shows in particular.

| Netflix

To help Suzy portray his vision of Doona, Lee Jung Hyo told the actress to watch the Hulu original series Normal People. It’s a romance about an Irish couple that weaves in psychological themes.

| Hulu

On the other hand, Lee Jung Hyo instructed Yang Se Jong to watch two of his previously directed K-Dramas to get into the mind of Won Jun. The first was Life on Mars, which sends a police officer to the past to solve a case.

The second K-Drama Yang Se Jong watched was Romance Is a Bonus Book. A chief editor of a publishing company and a former copywriter cross paths and stumble into a romance.

With Lee Jung Hyo’s recommendations, Yang Se Jong and Suzy were able to dive deeper into the mindset of their characters.

Source: YouTube