“Doona!” Actor Yang Se Jong’s Pre-Debut Photos Prove He’s Always Been Handsome

Netizens thought he was born to be a star.

Doona! actor Yang Se Jong is thirty years old but didn’t let his age stop him from playing the part of a bright-eyed college student for the popular Netflix series. And thanks to the actor’s pre-debut photos, fans discovered he was a handsome student in real life as well.

Yang Se Jong in “Doona!”. | Netflix
Suzy and Yang Se Jong. | Netflix

Fans got their hands on Yang Se Jong’s middle school and high school graduation photos, which quickly became a hot topic for his visuals.

Yang Se Jong went from a baby-faced middle school student to a handsome high school student with sharper features. Netizens commented on how his unique visuals made him stand out from the start.

His other pre-debut photo further proved that he was born to be a star.

| Naver

From his school days until now, the actor has always been eye-catching.

Source: Naver