The Expensive Gift Suzy Gave To All The “Doona!” Staff Members

She spent hundreds of dollars on each staff member.

Although the Netflix K-Drama Doona! took place in the summer, all those scenes were captured in the cold of winter. The staff members of the series had the most challenging time. Actor Yang Se Jong revealed that all the staff constantly worked outside in the cold.

Proving how caring she is, actress Suzy decided to gift every staff member with something special to keep them warm.

Suzy | @skuukzky/Instagram

Yang Se Jong revealed that she “gave super expensive scarves to every one of the staff members.” She even put extra thought into how she prepared them.

Not only did Suzy buy a bunch of Acne Studio scarves, priced as high as $420 USD each, but she also wrapped them herself.

Despite spending thousands of dollars on Christmas gifts for the staff, Suzy hadn’t been worried about the price tag at all. She was touched by how happy they were to receive them.

See Yang Se Jong gush about Suzy’s thoughtful gift to the show’s staff members.