Doyoung And Actor Gong Myung Reveal Which NCT Members They Want For A Third Brother

They drew the two members that would fit perfectly in their family.

Since they’re featuring in the May issue of W Korea, brothers NCT‘s Doyoung and actor Gong Myung sat down with the magazine for an interview where the questions were answered through funny drawings.

Along the way, they revealed which of the NCT members would fit right in as their family members.

Gong Myung and Doyoung.

One of the interesting questions the magazine asked was which NCT member they’d want to have as a brother.

Since they had to draw the member, Gong Myung immediately expressed being “really sorry” for not being able to draw their faces well.

After putting pen to paper, Doyoung and Gong Myung showed off their drawings that made themselves and the staff laugh.

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Since the staff couldn’t figure out who Doyoung had drawn with curly hair and thick eyebrows, he revealed that it was Mark and why they would get along so well as siblings. Doyoung said, “Thankfully, we’re the type who don’t trouble our mothers and fathers.

With that in mind, Doyoung thought Mark was the perfect fit out of all the NCT members. Doyoung made Gong Myung laugh when saying, “Isn’t Mark just right?” Gong Myung had a different approach to the question.

Making sure to cover all the bases, Gong Myung voiced his love for all the NCT members. He then revealed that his drawing of a blond-haired male was Johnny, once again apologizing for his drawing skills, “Johnny, I’m sorry.

Doyoung shared why Johnny was Gong Myung’s top pick. Out of all the members, Johnny was the one that Gong Myung hung out with most. Doyoung said, “Johnny actually went bowling with my brother a few times.

Gong Myung agreed as Doyoung continued, “Johnny sometimes comes to our house to play and eat. So, that’s why he’s the member Gong Myung meets the most.

Between Doyoung’s thoughtfulness for their parents and Gong Myung’s consideration for how well they get along, these two NCT members would fit perfectly as their third or fourth brothers.

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Watch brothers Doyoung and Gong Myung draw the lucky NCT members here.