When NCT’s Doyoung Had A Video Call Fan Sign And The Staff Was More Into It Than Him

Someone give him a pay raise!

With NCT‘s promotions for “Make A Wish” and “From Home” wrapped up, they’ve been conducting rounds of video call fan signs. One lucky fan had a hilarious moment when they asked Doyoung to act out a scene.

Originally what was once known as a fake fan account of an EXO fan sign, it has now become a fandom meme.

| theqoo
  • Jongdae: Oh?
  • “Me: Oh, you remember me?”
  • “Jongdae: Of course, I said you were pretty then, didn’t I?”
  • “Me: Oh I was bare-faced then though.”
  • “Jongdae: You were pretty because of it. It looks innocent.”
  • “Staff: Move along please.”
  • “Jongdae: Ahjussi, I’m talking with Sujin.”
| SM Entertainment

The NCTzen borrowed the lines from the meme and had Doyoung re-enact it. However, he needed a little help from the staff on site! As video call fan signs are usually monitored by staff, the staff helped him out by reciting the “Move along please” line.

But what was hilarious was that the staff went above and beyond. He even set up the timer sound to go off at the right moment. When Doyoung couldn’t hold in his laughter, the staff even repeated the whole schtick once more. The way the staff was absolutely into his role had fans cackling.

  • “F*ck, the staff is even funnier.”
  • “The staff probably waited for this day.”
  • “The staff is so f*cking funny.”
  • “The staff is so good at this.”
  • “I came back to watch this because I keep thinking of the staff.”
  • “Ah so it wasn’t really the end but they matched the timer to it on purpose? The singer is 50% into it but the staff is 200%.”

It was probably a memorable moment for the fan, Doyoung and the staff! NCT will be making a comeback soon in late November.

Source: theqoo