The Way Dreamcatcher Resolves Fights With Each Other Proves They’re A True Family

Their bond is as strong as they come:

It’s impossible to avoid fighting with your friends and family altogether but when that happens, you have to find some way to resolve the situation. For Dreamcatcher, the way they clear up their misunderstandings proves just how close they truly are.

| @hf_dreamcatcher/Twitter

In an episode of BETWEEN DREAMCATCHER AND ME, Dreamcatcher opened up about what fighting between the members is like and how they resolve their problems.

Just like any family, Siyeon pointed out that the members do get into fights with each other sometimes but these disputes have made their bond even stronger. “You just get closer with the members after fighting, right? You grow up by fighting.”

Having grown closer after fighting, now they understand each other so well that they don’t fight as much! “But now, because we know and understand each other too well, we don’t fight as much. We get over it right away,” Siyeon added.

Even when they do, the fights aren’t that bad. As Gahyeon revealed, the members don’t like to stay in a bad mood and simply clear things up quickly.

Even when we do fight, we don’t get physical or say bad things. None of those things. We don’t stay in a bad mood for days. We’re just not like that. It doesn’t worry me that much. We get over it quickly and I know that we’ll live and stay together no matter what. It’s all good.

— Gahyeon

While some members used to talk things out right away, others needed a little space first. After a time, however, they’ve been able to put their arguments aside quickly proving their perfect teamwork.

While we needed to talk about it to get it over with, nowadays, we just let it slide. Yet, none of us hold grudges against each other. That’s what you call perfect teamwork.

— SuA

Dreamcatcher is so good at clearing up their misunderstandings, Dami questioned, “Fight…fight? There was no actual fighting in our group. Yup… Maybe I just erased those memories? I don’t remember!

Being able to crush any fights instantly, proves just how strong Dreamcatcher’s bond truly is! Find out what else they had to say about their fights in the video below: