DREAMCATCHER Shares What Makes Them Unique In K-Pop

During the entirety of the interview, the girls showed an amazing sense of unity and sisterhood.

It goes without saying that DREAMCATCHER is a truly unique group within the K-Pop genre. Their dark concept and storylines earned them a loyal fanbase, known affectionately as InSomnia. Their fandom name is a portmanteau of English’s “in” and Latin’s “somnia”, giving it the very appropriate meaning of “in dreams”.

A recent appearance on SBS PopAsia gave DREAMCATCHER the opportunity to share their thoughts on what makes them unique in the industry.

When asked what they like most about the music they make, the girls gave a variety of different answers ranging from “cool” to saying they liked their performances. The group’s leader JiU said she liked the image of DREAMCATCHER before Siyeon interjecting to say that JiU is actually their biggest fan.

“I just like the image of DREAMCATCHER.”


Siyeon neatly summarized everyone’s thoughts by saying, “The things that make us special and unique are [sic] our strength, I think.” Dami agreed, saying, “I think powerfulness is our strength.”

JiU took the lead on answering this question, with all other members in agreement. She said, “When you listen to the different songs in our albums, you can feel various emotions. Our song is good for stress relief. I mean, our title song is good for stress relief. And the other title track helps with calming ourselves. We wanted to give you various emotions through our songs.”

There were several songs chosen by members. “Chase Me” was suggested by Yoohyeon, with other members agreeing that the head movements and complicated moves made it difficult to perform live. “What” was Siyeon’s choice because although she finds it fun to sing, she admitted it was hard to breath in-between parts due to the fact that she has a part to sing immediately after the chorus is over.  Dami contributed “You and I” as one of their more difficult live songs due to their use of props, including sticks or hankies.

The girls agreed they do throat warm-ups, eat well, stretch, and gather to do a “cheer up” move before shows.

We always gather and cheer up.


We’ve actually been talking about it.


This question seemed to be especially exciting for them to answer, with the whole group letting out an enthusiastic, “Oooh!” SuA enthusiastically shares that the group has been talking about it. Gahyeon shared that Yoohyeon had been talking about starting a band, to which the latter revealed she’d started playing the piano again and was planning to learn guitar just in case it came to fruition. Eventually, Dami says it’s all up for grabs and they move onto the next question.

We tell our own story and deliver a message through our songs. That’s a really good thing.


With no hesitation, Siyeon simply answers “storytelling”. Her response is perfect as it sums up the feelings of reviewers and fans worldwide. In fact, earlier this month a Japanese publication praised DREAMCATCHER for their in-depth storytelling and consistency.

Yes, it’s good that we made the Nightmare series with a continuous story. And keep doing it for our fans, InSomnia. It’s excellent.


During the entirety of the interview, the girls showed an amazing sense of unity and sisterhood. It seems that life for DREAMCATCHER, as well as InSomnias, is truly a dream.