Dreamcatcher’s SuA Couldn’t Handle ATEEZ Hongjoong’s Unique Dance Move

They both laughed about it.

Dreamcatcher‘s SuA has such a fun personality that TXT‘s Yeonjun couldn’t help laughing at her quirky charms.

SuA | @sualelbora/Instagram

This time, SuA was the one who couldn’t resist laughing when ATEEZ‘s Hongjoong showed off his unique dance moves.


While filming Idol Radio, SuA took matters into her own hands to teach a signature dance move. She demonstrated how to move their upper body. Someone else put a hilarious twist on it.

Turning around to check Hongjoong’s progress, SuA laughed so hard at how much he was moving his entire body. SuA fell to the ground in laughter while Hongjoong cracked a big smile.

Hongjoong kept everyone laughing by continuing to do his version of the dance move.

Sometimes the ATEEZ members are so funny that they don’t even have to try.

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