Dreamcatcher Exposed SuA’s Strange Warmup Habit And How It Once Left CLC’s Sorn Confused AF

SuA didn’t even know what her habit was doing at the time!

We’ve all got our own unique habits that some may consider strange or unusual, even idols.

While these habits don’t always lead to hilarious moments, for Dreamcatcher‘s SuA, that’s exactly what happened when CLC‘s Sorn heard her unusual vocal warmup habit.

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Asked whether or not they had any unusual habits in the second part of a comment interview with Esquire, Dreamcatcher saw their opportunity to expose each other and didn’t hold back!

| ESQUIRE Korea/YouTube

Taking turns exposing each other’s most unusual habits, it soon came time for Siyeon to dish on SuA’s habits. With everything fair game for this exposé, it didn’t take long for her to expose SuA’s very unique — and intense — way of warming up her vocals before hitting the stage.

Unable to deny it, SuA burst into laughter before revealing a hilarious story about her habit. Explaining that it all went down during their promotions for “You And I”, she began, “When we were doing promotions for “You And I”, I had a hard time singing a verse where it goes like ‘Sohn!’

While practicing that part loudly wouldn’t have been all that strange if it was just Dreamcatcher in the waiting room, on this particular occasion they were sharing a room with CLC…and well…let’s just say Sorn had no idea why it sounded like SuA kept calling her name!

At the time, SuA and her members had no idea the effect her habit had on Sorn either, only finding out about it after they became close friends with CLC!

Who knew a simple warmup could have such hilarious consequences! Listen to SuA’s story and find out what other unusual habits were exposed in the video below: