A Female K-Pop Idol Broke A Plane Chair Just To Avoid Losing A Fan Gift

She really appreciates the gifts her fans give her.

No matter where Dreamcatcher goes, the members always experience “fun incidents” that are uncommon for anyone else. One of their recent moments took place high in the air.

Dreamcatcher | @hf_dreamcatcher/Twitter

When the group returned from the U.S., one of the members ended up ripping up a plane seat to avoid losing a gift from a fan.


Since Dami mentioned it before filming, MC Mijoo wanted to confirm if Dreamcatcher really “ripped a plane chair off.” Dami began to explain how they removed an entire plane chair during their flight.

When Dami was seated, she noticed that SuA had been standing up during the flight since the plane took off. Making her even more curious, there were four flight attendants around SuA.

SuA had accidentally dropped an earphone into one of the gaps in the plane chair. She said, “I kept trying to remove the chair and looking for my earphone.

Despite SuA breaking apart pieces of the chair to find the earphone, they needed to take more drastic measures. They called in a specialist to break apart the chair even more and put it back together. SuA admitted, “They eventually had to call a repairman.

When Mijoo asked SuA why she didn’t “give up,” the idol revealed how precious the earphone was.

I thought of that, but it was an earphone that a fan customized for me. So I couldn’t give it up.

— SuA

For SuA to go through so much to get the earphone, she genuinely values gifts from InSomnias.