The Members Of Dreamcatcher Are On The Same Wavelength When It Comes To Music Genres

When it came to music they’d like to try, they were in complete agreement:

Since making their debut, Dreamcatcher has found a solid place as the queens of rock music. They consistently showcase their skills in the genre and always blow fans away with their music.

| @hf_dreamcatche/Twitter

While fans love Dreamcatcher’s unique rock sound, they’ve often wondered if there were any other types of music that the group would like to try and through an episode of BETWEEN DREAMCATCHER AND ME, the rock queens dished on the topic while proving they’re totally on the same wavelength when it comes to their music!

Among all the different types of music, there was one genre that particularly stood out to the members — their own! Rock music holds a special place in their hearts, and for SuA, it feels like she found her true color in the genre.

The producer told me that my vocal style became more suited for the rock genre. He was like, ‘Ah, it’s definitely rock! Your voice just screams rock.’ So I feel like I’m finding my true color.

— SuA

What’s more, there’s a wide spectrum of rock which leaves Dreamcatcher open to trying out different types of sounds from the genre.

As a team, I hope we continue to carry on with our rock genre. There’s a wide spectrum of rock so I hope we continue.

— Gahyeon

Rock, however, isn’t the only type of music that Dreamcatcher has shown their skill in! Having dabbled in jazz before, JiU revealed she would love for the group to revisit it once more saying, “The musical genre that I want to try in the future is… We’ve sung ‘Jazz Bar’ as a b-side track in our first full album so it would be cool if we, Dreamcatcher, tried jazz again. So that’s why I want to try the jazz genre.”

While they were all on board with continuing with their current genre, they also dropped some intriguing new types of music they’d like to try like city pop, something softer, and even a little bit of everything!

I want to do everything. Greedy! What I mean is that I want to try new things but I also want to create new music and perform with my own music as well. I just want to try everything! It’s fun.

— Dami

From softer tunes to their unique rock sound, we know for certain that no matter what genre Dreamcatcher decides to try they’ll totally slay them all! Discover what else Dreamcatcher had to say on the topic in the video below: