DREAMCATCHER’S Siyeon Blows Fans Away With Her Cover of Taeyeon’s Eraser

She always slays her vocals.

InSomnias were thrilled when DREAMCATCHER uploaded a video of Siyeon covering Taeyeon‘s “Eraser” to their YouTube channel on August 30 (KST). Siyeon showcased her rich, powerful vocals and strong presence in the 1:37 video, which left fans wanting more as they wondered where the rest of the song was. (“Eraser” by Taeyeon is 2:54.)

I wish we can hear a full version someday! Siyeon’s vocals are PERFECT and it’s a Taeyeon song, I’m fanboying so hard!💕

—YouTube user Haru Risco Asensio

Comments on the video were wildly positive, and for a while, although it was likely a lag on YouTube’s part, the views-to-likes ratio was 1:9.

The combination of Siyeons vocals with her presence really makes me wonder how more kpop fans haven’t taken notice of her and Dreamcatcher in general. I mean that’s the reason they stood out for me, they are completely different from what seems to be the norm. But it seems that they grow everytime they release a new album so I’m just happy to be along for the ride.

—YouTube user Diablos203

Siyeon’s cover was so impressive, it led fans who weren’t familiar with the source material to seek out the original.

I actually never heard that song, Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon brought me here and I thank her.

—YouTube user Bruno R.

What did you think of Siyeon’s cover? Did she nail it or did she nail it? 😉

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