Dressing Like Your Favorite K-Pop Albums Is The Latest Trend…And It’s Giving Us Major Outfit Inspo

K-Pop fans are total fashion gurus.

Lately, fans are taking to social media to post their K-Pop album-inspired outfits…and they areΒ slaying.

Twitter user @_omaya_simidzu_

The trend encourages fans to use aspects of the album like the color scheme and overall mood and incorporate them into fashion forwards ‘fits.

Twitter user @baektoyeoI
Twitter user @hyunwgons

Fans often emulate the styles and trends of their group of choice and it’s endearing to see the resemblance!

Twitter user @seolyul
Twitter user@Ahgabebe7
Twitter user @togekissed

It’s super creative and totally giving us major outfit inspiration.

Twitter user @nctlovecore
Twitter user @allrisenim


This is the perfect safe activity to pass time during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Twitter user @wooziing_
Twitter user @deaneedscass

So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite album and get snapping! (Bonus points for originality!)