Dua Lipa Praises MAMAMOO’s Hwasa And Discusses Collaboration In Instagram Live

Two badass women uplifting each other? Yes, please.

Recently, Dua Lipa took to Instagram Live to discuss her recent collaboration with MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa.

Dua Lipa admitted she knew about MAMAMOO before MAMA Japan 2019, which excited fans about MAMAMOO’s potential international exposure.

She says after their performance, they hung out together and she was really drawn to Hwasa’s energy.

She was just so sweet and so fun and so charismatic and just completely took the song and made it her own.

⁠— Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa says that since she loves collaborating with new artists and trying new things, it felt like a “no-brainer” to reach out to Hwasa.

Our energies were just really good together.

⁠— Dua Lipa

She said she hopes to create “different dimensions with different songs” and believes that a collaboration with Hwasa is a way to do this.

Fans are quite pleased with her kind words and think the two together are a power duo.

Listen to the full portion of her discussion of Hwasa on Instagram live here:

Be sure to listen to their song “Physical” together below!