Dutch Fashion Brand Desperately Trying To Slide Into Chanyeol’s DMs 

BALR desperately wants Chanyeol to check his DMs.

It takes one moment when a Korean idol gets captured wearing a certain item for it to go viral and impact sales.


So there’s no wonder why a certain fashion brand from the Netherlands has tried to get the attention of EXO’s Chanyeol on social media. 

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Eagle-eyed fans spotted quite the activity from the Dutch brand BALR on Chanyeol’s personal posts, particularly on Instagram.


It appears that they have been trying to contact the idol via direct message but have been met with no response. So, a few comments on his posts were the next step. 

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Fans have even directed the brand to send their messages through EXO and SM Entertainment’s official platforms instead, hoping he’ll get the message eventually! 


BALR is a brand established by professional football players in 2013. It is known for its high end fashion, travel items, and accessories.

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Chanyeol can very much suit their style. Could a collaboration be on the way?