Eagle-Eyed ARMYs Think They’ve Found BTS Suga’s Friendship Tattoo

“I need y’all to listen to me… his tattoo is THERE.”

ARMYs have eagerly awaited the day BTS‘s Suga reveals his “7” friendship tattoo, and unsurprisingly, there has been a valiant effort to spot the tattoo among Suga’s teasing.

I got the tattoo, I got it. I just won’t tell you where it is. Try to find it.

— Suga

BTS’s Suga

In April 2022, BTS’s plans to get friendship tattoos were revealed during an informal Weverse chat Q&A with V.

Since then, six of the seven members have revealed their tattoos to ARMYs, though eagle-eyed fans spotted some before the formal reveal.

BTS RM, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook’s “7” friendship tattoos | @gminiemochi/Twitter

V was the last member to reveal his tattoo at the end of last year, leaving Suga as the lone member that has yet to show the location of his tattoo.

Suga teasingly told ARMYs to find it, and they were more than up to the challenge.

Though there were multiple failed attempts, it didn’t deter ARMYs from the mission.

Many felt the key to the mystery lay in Suga’s artistic photoshoots, where much of his upper body is exposed.

ARMYs haven’t given up hope, and recently, there’s been a new location theory with what many ARMYs feel is “proof” to back it up.

Circling back to his artistic photos where he’s shirtless, some ARMYs believe they’ve spotted a skin-colored patch below his collarbone; with over 22,400 likes and 1.4 million views, it seems others agree.

Others pointed out that during Suga’s Weverse live on August 24, he was patting his chest when asked about his tattoo, coincidentally where the possible skin-colored patch was located.

Another eagle-eyed ARMY noticed that when BTS’s Suga was asked about his tattoo in a recent live broadcast, he kept moving his right shoulder forward, that same shoulder with the supposed skin-colored patch.

Of course, there has yet to be any confirmation from BTS’s Suga, but as his solo world tour begins on April 26, ARMYs hope they’ll finally get the grand reveal during one of his upcoming shows.


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