Eagle Eyed Netizens Find Evidence That Seungri’s Appearance On “I Live Alone” Was Scripted.

“I was totally f*cked up last night.”

BIGBANG‘s Seungri appeared on the 235th episode of I Live Alone, where he shows off his luxury lifestyle under the concept “The Great Seungri”.

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Netizens found evidence that the show was scripted when Seungri was contacting his employees in Japan, China and America while having breakfast.


He shocked the hosts of I Live Alone with his exceptional foreign language skills during the scene. However, the camera caught a glimpse of Seungri’s text messages on his phone which exposed their prior agreement.

He messaged his employee in America, “Bro if u don`t mind could you plz voice mail to me on wechat about vegas open ramen restaurant. Coz I have shooting tv show tmrw. They want to shoot talk about this.”


Meanwhile, a funny glimpse of another text to his employee in China was also captured.

In the message he wrote, “Im totally f*cked up last night.”


Despite the subtle proof of the scripted episode, however, fans have been supportive of Seungri.

  • “Who cares if it’s scripted, even Jun Hyun Moo admitted it.”
  • “Seungri has always been good at speaking foreign languages.”
  • “TV shows are always scripted anyway.”
  • “The producers probably made him do it”
  • “He’s still great.”


Watch the clip showing glimpses of Seungri’s text messages below:

Source: Hankuk Kyungjae