Comedian Choi Young Soo’s Interview About Busters’ Chaeyeon Further Upsets The Internet

“Why is the world doing this to me?”

Recently, EBS program Tok! Tok! Boni Hani‘s cast comedians Choi Young Soo and Park Dong Geun received heavy criticism for harassing a minor K-Pop idol group member BustersChaeyeon on the show.

Busters’ Chaeyeon on the right, as “Hani” of “Boni Hani”


Choi Young Soo, whose video of him allegedly punching Chaeyeon went viral and ended up igniting the current situation, appealed to the public in an interview — claiming that he didn’t abuse Chaeyeon, he didn’t deserve to be fired, and that he didn’t get a chance to clear his name.


The interview, however, continues to only further upset Korean netizens…

How did it come so far? I can’t believe this. I feel this is unfair. As soon as the petitions began getting signed and the official complaints filed at the broadcasting station, I was let go. I was supposed to shoot today. But as I was getting ready to go on set, I was notified of my termination. I said goodbye and left. Boni Hani staff members were crying too. What have they got to say to me? I don’t even have anything to say. But I should have been given a chance to explain — on the program, or at least through the Boni Hani live broadcast. Even if I didn’t do anything wrong, I should have been able to say sorry for creating a situation that could have been misunderstood. I should have been given a chance to apologize and promise to reflect on my actions.

— Choi Young Soo


… as they remain offended by Choi Young Soo’s actions.

People can be so scary, I wonder how we’re even supposed to create contents. Maybe since Pengsoo on the rise, people are paying more attention to EBS. But all my life, I’ve been good here at EBS and on Boni Hani. Why is the world doing this to me? I didn’t drink and drive. I didn’t gamble. I didn’t commit any crime. If I had, and gotten fired, then I would’ve understood. That would have been my fault. But this isn’t. To be honest with you, I was more worried about Chaeyeon. Me? I’ll just go back to my hometown. But today, Chaeyeon cried so much asking if I had been removed from the show because of her.

— Choi Young Soo


Some even argue that Choi Young Soo “does not understand the depths of his wrongdoings” as he claimed in the interview that he was removed from the show when he “isn’t [at fault]”.

  • “I am so baffled by the fact that he does not seem to understand what he did wrong.”
  • “Why is it so hard for him to realize that even pretending to threaten a minor on a children’s program is so very wrong?”
  • “Don’t you dare use Chaeyeon as your shield. You’re not worried about her.”
  • “Just the fact that he raised his hand at her makes this entire thing violent. But he’s not going to understand that, is he?”
  • “And to think this is on EBS for kids to watch and learn from him…”


EBS has since released an official statement and apology, but it did not make much difference to the growing online frustration. Meanwhile, netizens have found more alleged “evidence” of Choi Young Soo habitually being abusive on set toward Chaeyeon — and with that, some viewers are requesting the program to be shut down for promoting violence.

You know, I knew something was creepy about Boni Hani since this.

— Twitter @11_Europa

Source: THEQOO