E’Dawn Shares Videos Of HyunA Being An Absolute Cinnamon Roll

It’s great seeing HyunA being so relaxed and comfortable.

E’Dawn recently posted two videos of his girlfriend, K-Pop icon, HyunA to his Instagram being an absolute cinnamon roll as she played with her pet dog. Not only are the videos incredibly adorable, but it showcases a very soft and domestic side of HyunA, who normally comes across as pretty edgy.

His videos truly reflect how happy and comfortable HyunA is with and around him, as it is apparent she has let her guard down and can be herself without worrying about her image.

HyunA’s love of animals is something she has in common with her friend and fellow P-Nation artist Jessi, who absolutely adores her puppy Chewie. Jessi has stood up for HyunA on multiple occasions and they often pose with each other for photos which they later share on social networking sites.