ELF Love That Donghae Is Still The Baby He’s Always Been

Some things never change just like Donghae.

Super Junior‘s Donghae has always been playful, and fans have sweetly called him a baby. It seems he’s kept that playfulness because one ELF compared old clips to prove it while others used recent ones.

In a clip from 2012, Donghae took a sip of wine and promptly coughed because he couldn’t bare the taste. In one from 2019, Donghae also took a sip of wine but rather than coughing, his face twisted as if he’d eaten a lemon. Although years had passed, fans thought his reactions were still that of the baby they thought he was.

However, that wasn’t the only evidence. During sub-unit concert “The D&E,” Donghae and Eunhyuk came up with the funny idea to spray EXO‘s Suho with their water guns. Donghae had no problem having fun by using his water gun to wreak havoc on Suho.

During a Vlive, Donghae happily inhaled the helium from a balloon and cutely called Eunhyuk’s name. If that isn’t the action of a baby, then nothing else is.

Donghae has remained playful like the baby he’s always been and ELF love it.

Super Junior

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