Eliminated “Girls Planet 999” Contestant Liang Jiao Unintentionally Records Her First Reaction To The Interim Ranking And It’s Super Relatable

Who wasn’t blindsided by the interim rankings?

As Girls Planet 999 draws closer to its final episode, more and more fans are getting nervous about the fates of their favorite contestants.

These nerves became even more palpable after a surprise release of the interim rankings revealed that contestants like K-Group’s Guinn Myah jumped from 18th (25th before the planet pass) up to 8th place and front-runners like C-Group’s Shen Xiaoting fell from 1st to 16th. Many fans are now facing a mix of emotions going into the finale as placement in the final group appears to be up in the air.

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Eliminated contestant Liang Jiao was filming a standard Pocket48 live broadcast when the interim rankings were released. She shared with her viewers how she was split due to the new voting system of one trainee from any group.

She was caught between C-Group’s Su Ruiqi

Su Ruiqi | Mnet

And C-Group’s Fu Yaning (aka Lord Puya).

Fu Yaning | Mnet

This was when a fan informed her that new rankings had been released, much to her surprise.

Her twin sister and fellow eliminated C-Group contestant Liang Qiao mentioned that they’d she’d already seen them and that they were even in their group chat, much to Jiao’s surprise.

With this new information, all Liang Jiao could do was ask her sister to show her the rankings, unaware of what she’d see.

Liang Jiao unintentionally captured herself running the full gamut of emotions from shock…

To disbelief…

back to shock. After collecting her thoughts, Liang Jiao said what many fans were thinking as soon as they saw their favorite’s ranking.

Ok, I’m going to create immediately a new phone number so I can go all in.

––Liang Jiao

While she didn’t offer further comments than “What?” on the situation, she did turn to her sister and ask her, “Liang Qiao, what did you just show me?”

While the interim rankings may have blindsided many fans, it’s nice to see that even the eliminated contestants couldn’t have seen this coming. Was your reaction like Liang Jiao’s when you first saw the interim rankings? Let us know, and to see her full response, check out the video below:

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