Elle Korea Teases Fans With Photos of Irene in a Wedding Dress

The simplicity and elegance of the dress totally screams “Irene”.

Elle Korea just released multiple photos of Red Velvet‘s Irene in a wedding dress and bridal rings as a model for the luxury brand, Damiani.

In the shared video, Irene can be seen in a simple white dress and bouquet of flowers.

She also wore Damiani’s engagement and wedding rings, giving off the full bridal vibe.

As expected from the visual queen, Irene gave off total goddess-like visuals.

The simple gown she sported highlighted her elegant beauty perfectly…

And the beautiful outdoor setting made her look like an angel from Heaven.

Irene looked so natural in everything that it gives fans a good idea of how gorgeous she would look as a bride.

She might not be a bride in real life, but the video and photos will surely make fans fantasize about her future big day.

Some of the comments from fans include, “She’s actually so pretty“, “She looks like an actual bride“, and “Her visuals are crazy“.

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