Spoiler Alert: The Ending Of Lee Jae Wook’s “Dodosolsollalasol” That Had Fans Asking WTF Is Going On

We were confused too.

If you’ve been keeping up with dramaworld, you’ll know that Lee Jae Wook‘s latest flick Dodosolsollalasol just ended its run on 26 November 2020. After a long 16 episodes, the lighthearted romance has finally come to an end! However, the ending was so makjang that fans have been going WTF.

So we left off with Lee Jae Wook’s character, Jun, breaking up with his girlfriend, Rara, played by Go Ah Ra. He breaks up with her because he suddenly has leukemia and needs to head to the States to treat it. However, he lies to her that he is only leaving for school and they get back together and start a long distance relationship.

As Rara is planning a Christmas piano concert, she asks Jun to come back to Korea for the holidays. She plans to propose to him then. He checks the calendar and agrees.

Sadly, his plane is delayed. But he sends over a video of him playing the piano anyway.

But after a long wait, he does not turn up. Instead, his mother, who has been against the relationship all along, shows up. She ominously says Jun is too ill to come. As Rara is in denial, the mother tells her she has been the one who was texting her from Jun’s phone all along, and that the piano video was shot a month ago.

She hands Rara an envelope and some of Jun’s belongings.

Although viewers were wondering if it was a fakeout, scenes were shown of everyone around Jun crying and being sad. The narration also read out, “a sudden goodbye, his last moments.

We skip ahead to 5 years later and everyone is eating happily around a table. However, when Jun is brought up, the mood dampens.

But wait, who is that in the distance??????

Fans are baffled at how he appears all cured after 5 years and that the female lead simply takes him back without even getting mad for bailing on her.

  • “It was going to be a sad ending but it feels like they forced a happy ending.”
  • “Why are there so many awkwardly forced twists and turns.”
  • “The time I spent on this drama is f*cking wasted”
  • “Was the director and writer unable to agree on the ending”
  • “???? when did he get leukemia…If they had just killed him off even as a sad ending we wouldn’t have regrets, wtf is this”
  • “There’s no explanation as to why he’s alive either?”
  • “OMG”
  • “What era is this from…”

At least we got a happy ending, right?

Source: theqoo